Family Photos November 2011

Getting to Know Us

David in a nutshell:
~Born on Valentine's Day 33 years ago
~Grew up in Wyoming
~Oldest of 8 brothers
~Attended college on a full ride music scholarship
~Graduated from USU with a Bachelor's Degree in Law and
Constitutional Studies and another Bachelor's Degree in History
~Attending law school at Ave Maria - class of 2012!!
~Enjoys scuba diving, camping, hiking, fishing, reading, singing,
backpacking, scouting, playing with his little boy, going for
walks on the beach and taking his wife on dates!
~Goals for the future: graduate from law school, work as an attorney,
take a trip to Germany, buy a home, build our family

David is 32 years old, 5'10", has vibrant blue eyes, reddish brown hair and a great smile!

Amy in a nutshell:
~Grew up in Utah
~Second to youngest of 5 kids. (1 older sister, 3 brothers)
~Attended college on an academic scholarship
~Is a Registered Nurse and piano/voice teacher
~Enjoys doing everything with David, anything outdoors, running,
singing, playing piano and flute, walking the dog, playing with
her little boy, spending time at the pool or beach, reading and
~Goals for the future: Go back to school and study pharmacology, go
on great family vacations, move a little closer to the Rocky

Amy is 29 years old, 5'4", brown hair, hazel/brown eyes.

A little about David III:
David is 1 year old, has lots of curly blonde hair, big brown eyes, and is a genious. He enjoys playing with toys, chasing the dog, dancing to music, and going for walks. He came to our family through the miracle of adoption in February 2010 - visit our adoption story page or for more of that amazing story!